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Todo está en constante construcción, asi que empezaré por los temas que tengo más a mano.

Infraestructura Cloud

Algunas herramientas y snippets de utilidad.


Scripts para analizar el código IaC.

Un muy buen artículo sobre las herramientas en gitlab y como implementarlas en los pipelines de CI/CD

Checov It is for analyzing static codes for IaC. To detect cloud misconfigurations, it scans your cloud infrastructure, which is managed in Kubernetes, Terraform, and Cloudformation.

Checkov is a Python-based software. Therefore, writing, managing, codes, and version control become simpler. The built-in policies of Checkov cover the best practices for compliance and security for Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS.

  • Includes hundreds of out-of-the-box policies from frameworks (CIS, PCI, HIPAA, and more) and community-sourced checks
  • Integrates with VS Code, Jenkins, GitHub, and GitLab
  • Open source and fully extensible by adding custom checks, skip lists, and integrations with other tools


tfsec - ☁️ Checks for misconfigurations across all major (and some minor) cloud providers - ⛔ Hundreds of built-in rules - 🪆 Scans modules (local and remote) - ➕ Evaluates HCL expressions as well as literal values - ↪️ Evaluates Terraform functions e.g. concat() - 🔗 Evaluates relationships between Terraform resources - 🧰 Compatible with the Terraform CDK - 🙅 Applies (and embellishes) user-defined Rego policies - 📃 Supports multiple output formats: lovely (default), JSON, SARIF, CSV, CheckStyle, JUnit, text, Gif. - 🛠️ Configurable (via CLI flags and/or config file) - ⚡ Very fast, capable of quickly scanning huge repositories - 🔌 Plugins for popular IDEs available (JetBrains, VSCode and Vim)